Sixty years ago this piece of homespun nutritional advice, was displayed on an advertising hoarding near Sydney's Central Railway Station in Australia.

You are what you eat is still an accepted philosophy. Food technologists, biochemists, neurologists and nutritionists today spend countless hours analysing individual food components and their impact on our physical and mental health.

Everyone wants the best for their families. Recognising this, in 1989, Veggs Australia became among the first in the world to market naturally enriched eggs which delivered less of the saturated fats that scientists were telling us were bad for us.

Using a specially formulated chicken food, these eggs were the first to appear on the Australian market. Following their lead, other egg producers adopted this idea and many enriched eggs may be found today in supermarkets around the world.

Chicken feed - `Good Enough to Eat' - Hens producing Veggs for Families® eggs are fed a completely balanced vegetarian diet containing* wheat, triticale, oats, soya beans, sunflower seeds, corn, sorghum, lucerne, peas, beans, linseed, marigolds, wheat germ, vitamins and minerals.

*(depending on seasonal availability)

Veggs for Families® eggs are the result of diet modifications and expert stockman ship designed to cater to the demands of today's health conscious consumers.

Veggs Australia speciality brands now include Veggs for Families ®, NATURE'S BEST®, each of which fill a unique niche in the market place for discerning customers.

Invest wisely in your most precious possesion - good health.